Godot Devlog – Creating An ARPG

Welcome and thanks for joining this new series where I log my progress on my goal of creating my first game. It will be an ARPG (action role playing game) made in Godot. My goal is to complete this within 3 months.

This week has been very productive. I’ve developed every day and am getting to know Godot and GDScript better and better. I started using a task board at miro.com and the diagrams.net diagram painter for conceptualizing flows and logic.

I have expanded on the ideas of what the game should contain and also set a goal of releasing a simple game before 1st July. It feels like sizing the tasks to small pieces and delivering them one by one has been fruitful so far in teaching me more and more about Godot and it gives me a great sense of progress at the same time.

Things added during this week

  • I started the week by fleshing out the combat mechanics better. I’ve added a swing timer to the enemy so it doesn’t hammer down the player in just a few frames. This was done with a Godot timer scene.
  • I added color and a few trees to the first map environment. I also added a feature to load the first map with a script instead of having it in the scene by default.
  • There are now two (though extremely bare bones) maps, and the second map is automatically loaded when the player has completed the targets in the first map.
  • Make the player attack any enemy within swinging distance. Do this by keeping track of any enemy entered and then left the player’s swinging area. Then at swing – damage all the enemies in it.
  • Fixed the bug where the player couldn’t click to move within the collision3d shape of the enemies’ chase and melee range areas. The bug was that the raytrace class was configured to collide on areas. The fix was to have it only collide on body.
  • Make player and enemy more common code wise – reuse and have common code like the state machines. For easier code changes.
  • Add swing timer to the player. Previously it was possible to bring down the enemies too quickly, by spamming one hit in every frame. Now there is a swing timer that has the same speed and timing of impact as the attack animation.
  • Add particles on enemy hit impact. This is to add a bit more immersiveness to the experience.
  • Add sound on enemy hit impact. This is also for a higher sense of immersion for the player.
  • Add enemy death animation with death sound upon death.

Some upcoming things to add

  • Add player death animation with death sound upon death.
  • Add menus.
  • Add a godot test – (want to reduce the amount of “play testing” required on every change for things I’ve already tested. Want to automate this as much as possible.)


Thank you so much for reading this episode of the devlog. In the video below you can see a little demo of the gameplay as it looks today. Hope to see you in the next one!

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