Unleashing Our Passions

What is the thing you like doing that others see as work? What have you always been obsessed about? If you can find that and harness that you will be unstoppable. There is no other place where you will have a greater output than doing this. It will be easy for you because you enjoy it. You will spend time on it long after others have given up for the day. It should be possible to align this with what people want. That way you can spend time doing what you enjoy the most while contributing high value to society.

Would the world be a better place if more people were able to express themselves like this? Probably. The output of individuals would likely be higher. And their level of happiness and sense of self actualization would likely be higher, too. I think this would be a great world to live in.

How can we move the world in this direction? Firstly, I like the saying ”be the change you want to see in the world.” That is, we should all try to find our thing and hone those skills. There are many opportunities for this now with the internet. Through it literally billions of people are connected with each other. However niche your thing is, there is probably a crowd for it out there. You may be surprised.

Secondly, I believe in sharing ideas. Standing on the shoulders of giants is a thing. The more people share ideas and test them back and forth the better our knowledge of the world should become. This includes the knowledge about how to learn. How to create knowledge, and how to find your thing. I believe this to be a community effort. We can all contribute to a community where helpful ideas are shared. We can all contribute to the building of knowledge. I believe that we are in the early days of this process.

Up until very recently ideas have been shared in universities and in expensive books. And there has not been much dialogue, especially books have been mostly one way communication. When more people realize that we can achieve real knowledge building together on the internet it will accelerate a lot. This is already happening on platforms like twitter and blogs and YouTube.

How much time do you spend every day on things you have a natural inclination for?

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