Update On Lifting And Health Protocols

I will pivot my exercise protocol slightly to experiment with a few new ideas that I’ve learned. The goal is better health and a stronger body.


Changes in workout:

  • Occam’s protocol from 4 hour body by Tim Ferris. I.e one set to failure with 5/5 cadence (5 seconds up and 5 seconds down.)
  • There are two workouts, A and B. I’ll start doing them with 2 rest days in between until I’ve done each of them twice. Then I’ll do it with three rest days in between until I plateau. That’s when I’ll start having 4 rest days between.
  • At least one workout per week for the GLUT-4 glucose transporters.


  • Target a higher kcal food intake. While keeping carbs low and slow.

Daily protein target: 215g (86kg bodyweight * 2.5) 

Daily kcal target: 44* 80kg = 3520kcal (current lean body mass + 4.5kg of lean body mass.)


  • The meat meal: (221.4+18.9+25.9)/4 = 66.5 SEK (~ $7)
  • The protein smoothie: (33.9*0.1) + (15*0.75) + (259*0.05) = 27.6 SEK (~ $3)
  • Milk: 0.75*15 = 11.25 SEK (~ $1)

Total daily cost: 66.5+27.6+11.25=105.35 SEK (~ $11)

Total monthly cost: ~ 3161 SEK (~ $316)


  • Target 8-9 hours for now. Go to bed before 10 pm every weekday.


Supplements and their respective cost per month and anticipated effects:

The expected most bang for buck:

  • Creatine (~$15 per month)
    • Better endurance and more lean mass.
  • L-glutamine ($15 loading, then ~$10 per month maintenance)
    • Improved digestion.
  • Magnesium ($7 per month)
    • Better sleep and protein synthesis.
  • Zinc ($2.6 per month)
    • Testosterone boost.
  • Omega-3 ($10 per month)
    • Mood and heart health.
  • Ashawagandha ($11 per month)
    • Better sleep and less stress.

Total monthly cost:

  • 15+10+7+2.6+10+11 = $55 per month

More advanced supplements:

Try the likely more efficient supplements above first. Can add these one by one separately later to see their specific effects.

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) – fat loss (not a priority.) ~$39 per month.
  • Cissus quadrangularis – too expensive for now. Will cost ~100$ per month. Also for fat loss which is not a priority now.
  • Alpha GPC – mental focus. Not a stimulant. About $0.5 per use. Will try at some point.

What do your protocols look like? Are there any changes that you want to make?

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