Devlog: Open World Crafting Game

Since last devlog I’ve created a new project in addition to the action role playing game. This time it’s a sandbox game inspired by Minecraft and Valheim. I still have a target to release a game by 1st July but I found that after completing a proof of concept in the arpg and trying it out I wanted to try something else. Something where the process of creating feels like a game to me so far is this sandbox game. I don’t know what the end product will look like but as I build more it’s like more of the story unfolds to me.

I want to create a game with my own flavor of open world building and crafting. The game should be pretty bare bones and have simple graphics. The game will not be fun due to its beautiful graphics. The point of the graphics should rather be to be informative regarding what goes on in the game.

An idea I have is that the challenge will be survival. Things attack you during the night and you need to survive the night. You can do it in different ways but tools at your disposal will include building structures and weapons and armor.

Other highlights:

  • Created better music for the arpg with chord player.
  • Gave a green health bar to the player in the arpg.
  • Started a new project – a sandbox game which is inspired by Valheim and Minecraft. I still have the target of releasing something by first July.
  • Sandbox: am able to procedurally generate a world of cube ground with different colors.
  • Sandbox: able to create a small world first that expands as the player moves.
  • Sandbox: able to do multiplayer.
  • Made the world generation with triangles in an arrayMesh instead of cubes. Now trying to figure out how to put color on it.
  • Spent some time planning and thinking about what makes a fun game. And what kind of games I enjoy. It’s a balance I need to strike to make sure I do what is fun but also maintaining a realistic target and scope.

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